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Be careful with flooded types, as if no overflow/vent tube, the fumes from the caps vents WILL rot out your steel pan seat, mess with electronics, etc., over many years. BMW airhead r60 r75 r90 k1100 Rubber Battery Mount NOS BM46. The self-discharge rate of all batteries rises with temperature rise. Revisions: You arrive ...you need a new battery right now, not later. These batteries have a very flat voltage discharge curve. Another version of Scenario #5:  Perhaps you monkey with the battery leads on your bike 'to make it fit', creating a possible fire hazard ...or, likely, a strain on the terminals ...which eventually produces a sudden death internal disconnect ...and you can then complain about the battery quality, when it was actually your fault. Float voltage is OK at 13.5. No timer needed, just leave it all connected all the time. When a dry battery has acid mixture first put into it, the battery will automatically gain a certain 'charge'. If you have rubber mounts on the diode board, to change them to aftermarket solid metal ones before adjusting the regulator. Unfortunately, when the battery is near the temperature at which water freezes, the battery's capable output substantially decreases. 08/12/2015 and 08/28/2015:   Due to confusion, added more information & strict advice on Lithium batteries. Said differently, much lower deterioration or aging is still happening at full charge. Some are a bit more honest and say they are 'equivalent-to'. The BMW R80G/S created a new genre of motorcycling when it first appeared, and is considered an icon today. If you have a flooded battery, do check the water level every two months, no matter what type of charger. It is better if the charging current is kept modest. If if sags slowly more than half a volt, the battery is failing. On a practical basis, you will likely be able to use even a rated 6 to 12 ampere car-type charger, as long as its meter indicated charge does not exceed 20% of ampere-hours rating for more than a few minutes ....before the charge rate tapers down. Shop the full range of Genuine BMW batteries for all BMW … You may need to fix that wiring, or open up the relay and fix a loose rivet on the jumper, or, whatever. Then you've come to the right place. Do you know that if you return a failed battery in, let us say, 3 or 4 months, that the return $ allotment is very skimpy? ...is truly a waste of your time. Free shipping. This article will get into these things, in some depth. No matter the type of charger, smart or not, you certainly can disconnect the charger if you want to, after the charge is at 14.7 and the current is maybe 100 ma. It is used with a flexible plastic or rubber tube that directs fumes down to the ground, typically near the forward side area of the rear tire. Be sure it is the LiFePO4 type. ...not much over the self-discharge rate; and all of the Smart Chargers I have tested have too high an output for such super-long term 'on'. I recommend you do not use golf-cart and similar batteries! BMW Motorcycle Airhead OEM 1980 rear fender standard BLACK 1970-84 incl R65. If the terminal voltage should fall below 2.5 volts per cell (10.0 volts at the battery terminals), the battery is being damaged. Most won't have that powerful a charger, but you will only loose a truly small amount of life if you do not. Watch out for shipping charges. Do not move the wires, ...avoid causing sparks! It runs well and has had a LOT of work done recently. Further small updates were done as I obtained more information, particularly on LiFePO4 types, on 03/01/2015 & 03/17/2015. The calculation is 24 millivolts per degree Centigrade, referenced to 25°C. Your method. 04/15/2007:  Additional information on Yuasa and also garden type batteries. What happens in battery use, particularly charging (something similar, in reverse, can happen under heavy drain) is that oxygen is formed at the positive (+) plate, and the oxygen reduces or eliminates the normally otherwise produced hydrogen at the negative (-) plate. Vehicle batteries are no longer only the simple flooded (slosh) batteries of my youth. Hansens is constructing a web-page with detailed information, including performance comparisons of batteries and other special products. Be sure to check the small starter relay pass-through internal connections under the fuel tank, as all current flow to the system except the actual main starter motor power, flows through that relay's internal connections ...and, its socket connections; BMW uses red wires on those connections. I recommend you do not purchase a lithium battery that is rated at 6AH (approximately) in actual capacity, as you can discharge it much too easily ...but, this is up to you and your needs, in your real world usage. Lithium batteries are different from lead-acid batteries in this respect ...a lead-acid battery can be fully discharged, even to zero volts, & if not heavily discharged for too long a period of time, is likely recoverable; this is especially so for old-fashioned flooded batteries. Some types come dry, and you add the acid mixture, but only once, thereafter you may have to watch the liquid level over time. The only battery that might be thought of this way are some from Yuasa (and maybe others?) You use a small wal-wart charger, not a smart charger, every month or two, the battery is mounted in your bike, you have a clock that draws a teeny bit of power, maybe something else (or not). It's not in perfect cosmetic shape -- there is a small dent in the rear of the tank and some blemishes, but it is the original cream white … 8.7 or 8.8 volts or higher at 0°F. A major problem will be seen if the actual AH (ampere-hours) of the particular lithium battery is too small; and/or, if the lithium battery gets quite heavily discharged. When using a LiFePo4 type battery, be sure that its real ampere-hour (AH) rating is sufficient for you ...do not get one too small in real ampere-hour rating, as while it may start your engine in decent weather, when it is cold the battery output is lower (this is common to all types of batteries, although the effect varies) and if you have heated clothing and other loads, you may run the battery down very quickly, especially if the charging system is not working strongly, at, say, idle or just above idle. Nerdy: On good quality batteries, CA is typically going to be CCA divided by 1.25. Get the best deals on Motorcycle Parts for BMW R100 when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. This can be partially true. Use an old hardware store 'acid brush' or old toothbrush suitably modified for this coating. DURING the cranking, also watch the voltage. Understand that occasional use for awhile of any trickle charger or even a modest output charger, may do very well! Lithium batteries can be permanently damaged by being discharged too much, even once, although that damage need not be fatal (but can be). The only really important drawback is expansion/contraction with temperature changes (which are from engine heat and environmental conditions and also from high current charging in the bike). Bmw R100 7 Cafe Racer By Dumbador Bikebound That is one perfect battery box bmw bmwboxer bmwr80 bmwr90 www sport evolution de battery box bmw r45 r65 r80 r100 to bmw r45 r65 r80 r100 airhead battery box bratstyle cate racer 1976 d o alloy battery box with images bmw cafe racer classic car. HD Video Tutorials along with High quality replacement parts to keep your classic BMW Airhead on the road. Investigation, diagnosis and repair of a BMW R80/7 charging system. Your 28AH battery is not a 28AH battery when the drain is 'high'. For flooded batteries, you must put into the battery about 15-20% more electrical energy than the battery will give back. Be careful about what you purchase. Congratulations! Methods that are safe and cheap will be described here. Mine has an adjustable timer on it, a handy feature. Many do not consider the charging rate possible from a motorcycle alternator, particularly the aftermarket larger ones, but even the stock Bosch 280 watt alternator can produce 20 amperes, of which as much as 14 might be available for re-charging. Yes, it is true, this does mean a AGM-VRLA battery can be 'easier' on the charging system than a flooded type. For future use, just leave the adjustor knob in the same position, and you will be able to attach the jumper cables and the unit immediately starts the test. The colder the battery, the less often it requires recharging, and using small trickle charger is fine every month or so. The battery terminal voltage will slowly rise as the battery charges. Avoid overcharging, avoid terminal voltage over 14.9. At room temperature approximately, a good LiFePO4 battery can deliver a quite large number of amperes. 01/18/2016:  Updated the entire article. It takes a minimum of 12.8 volts at the battery, for a very long time, to come close to fully charging a battery; but this is not the same as initialization! IF you use a common, non-smart charger, do monitor the battery voltage. However, all the batteries under discussion here are for those with some form of the element lead, and sulfuric acid as the electrolyte, whether in gelled or paste or liquid form; and, some have the electrolyte solution soaked into absorbent mats. In addition, be aware that many Smart Chargers (that includes the Battery Tenders) may reduce their charging level too soon for the LiFePO4 batteries, if these batteries were fairly well discharged to begin with. ANTIGRAVITY LITHIUM ION BATTERY. I generally recommend special chargers for lithium batteries. The longest lasting batteries are still, over-all, ...taking into account all variables, ...the flooded (wet, slosh) types, in a quality brand. Never, ever ....unless you have an EnDuraLast permanent magnet alternator conversion ....remove an Airhead timing chest outer cover without first disconnecting the battery, typically by just removing all the wires at the negative post. If you have heated clothing, heated bars, gloves, vest, .....those draw current, sometimes substantial current. A fair condition battery will show a few tenths less, and a top-notch battery will show CONSIDERABLY higher. Voltage regulators for Airheads; adjusting, details, etc: Be sure that the various connections at the battery, at the diode board, at the alternator, internally at the ignition switch, ...etc ...are all tight & good, and there are no voltage drops that are excessive! AGM Battery Harley Davidson FL FLH FLT FLHR Road King Glide Touring (Fits: BMW … For most batteries, that charge is close to 80%, if the battery was properly filled & let stand for some hours. Voltages for 100% charge vary with the type of battery. I have seen it even longer with constantly cycling wall-wart chargers. https://bmwmotorcycletech.info/boxerelectrics.htm   The article has some information on batteries that is not in the below article. I am not sure where the confusion originally came from, but I suspect it was a German technical school, that taught that the VRLA battery was a flooded battery with absorbent glass mats. Water type should be distilled, never tap water. Classic 1971 BMW R75/5 I'm selling a very nice R75/5 airhead, large gas tank model. 2. Allow a long time for the charging and rejuvenation. What it means on a practical simplified basis is that some batteries can be discharged (there is a re-charge effect too) at a higher % of capacity rate than others, with a minimal or less loss of total capacity. Some Smart Chargers have other modes for de-sulfation, perhaps a pulse mode, and some have a final low level. Upgrade and Custom parts for BMW R Series Motorcycles. You do not have to see gassing bubbles. I suggest you re-read this paragraph. A load testing done while watching the RATE of voltage lowering adds a LOT of information, and, while unknown, I will explain that, etc. However, you need not purchase a fancy smart charger. Even more nerdy; you can calculate the change in value, for other temperatures. Typically, there is little if any useable active plate material left. BMW released it as a sort of classic roadster … 03/03/2011:  Clean up article, add emphasis, straighten out confusion on voltages. Be very sure that the battery you purchase, if you want a Panasonic, is going to come as a real genuine Panasonic brand, as some advertising is not very honest. Interested in the history of this website and how it is run? Consider very carefully how your battery will be used, and under what conditions, etc. At least one brand now has internal protection against excessive discharge. Even with waiting some hours, the motorcycle alternator may charge the battery at a vastly too high rate; or, the battery may be discharging if you have a bike with many lights or poor alternator output, etc. $65.00. This idea of a minimum charger capability only applies if the battery was heavily discharged when you started to recharge it. Almost all fully sealed batteries, that you cannot open, are more properly called VRLA, or Valve Regulated. Some lithium batteries are becoming available that have internal electronics that are more protective and some slightly higher voltages, etc., may be allowable. Your own usage, and that includes a long list of things, makes, on average, a lot of difference in battery life. Avoid batteries with vented caps; and, avoid any that do not have the venting outlet on the side and near the top area. No longer can a complete article, like this one, be relatively simple. Another item is that the AGM/VRLA type needs to have lots of plates, because the liquid electrolyte is being presented in a mat, thus, these batteries are tightly packed, leaving less ability for heat-related expansion and contraction. You do not want a metal hold-down to electrically short the  terminals, so I made my hold-down straps to go across the approximate middle, so this was never a problem. On BMW Airheads, poor grounding connection at the diode board or not tight enough connections at the board or the alternator can cause charging problems ...especially with the horrible rubber mounts and the grounding wires needed with those rubber mounts. Ask about batteries on such as the Airheads LIST; the K bikes LIST, etc. Your eyeball, with goggles on for safety! The additional wear is due to the old battery ...but it starts your bike ...no problems (so far)! Your pay is going to be docked. ...then, if under 12.5, be sure to recharge the battery. This is a long article. Failure to keep the battery charged will decrease battery life, possibly by quite a considerable amount. This is, for most folks, very good ...but you get less warning notice about the battery going dead. HINT:  When a battery is old or getting closer to failure (even not very old batteries can start dying), if your stock BMW dash voltmeter is wildly swinging during use of the directional (trafficators) flasher, & you have already checked the wiring and connections at various places, the battery may need replacing. You may be thinking that there isn't any problem for you...well, maybe so...BUT....do you have enough battery capacity? You go for a ride. With quality modern manufacture, most of these concerns are, or have, faded away, even with the common plastic-cased types. The use of high power alternator systems (and, in quite a few instances, just the stock system) is ...or can be  ... hard on batteries, particularly if the battery is allowed to discharge considerably, because the re-charging current can be quite considerable, which creates heat, sometimes small spot heat, inside the battery. 10/29/2013:  Update for clarity, add more cautions & information on DEsulfation mode problems. A bit nerdy:  Once a battery is charged to ~14.0-14.5, it is close to fully charged,  but not quite fully charged. Donating? 23. … If you think the battery is fully charged & does not need charging first, at least check the voltage first. Some of the sellers do not mention that if the battery is well-discharged, a sudden fast charging will destroy the battery; or, at least reduce greatly its otherwise expected life. Few seem to know of doing this specific voltage sliding effect, but it's a really good one! Saved from google.co.uk. Safe too, and will not damage the battery. bmw airhead high idle, Each kit comes COMPLETE with all genuine BMW parts (with a few exceptions as noted) to do the job fast and do it RIGHT. $16.00. If the knobs are not sanded, & just put in upside down, that sometimes works, but if you also put the stock hold-down upside down, that may make it less easy for your fingers to rotate the plastic knobs. It also requires costly equipment. Keep the lead-acid battery somewhere's around 13. volts, but this is hardly critical. If you want a Panasonic, be sure it comes as branded on the case as the Panasonic. If you have the equipment, you will want to start with a quite low voltage and low current, see earlier in this article about lithium batteries. These batteries were slightly later used for electronics and other back-up systems, often systems that are hardly, if ever, looked at. That means that the starter itself can be used as decent-enough load ...assuming the starter motor is OK, & same for connections & wires. : This is part of the reason for not leaving a Smart Charger connected & powered for years, during extended storage, & even 1 year is sometimes damaging. If any type of battery is not taken care of, its life expectancy will be lower. Apart from the BMW R65 , BMW R80 , BMW R100 , BMW K100 and BMW K75 , other models from the brand include the F, S, G and C series, even with a scooter version for the latter. Battery charging is ...or can be ...controversial, ....with manufacturer's selling their own chargers that are touted as very special (only some few are). I did a lot of testing and gathering of information over many years, and still do some testing (I have sophisticated testing equipment, and I also do cold weather testing of various types). Le migliori offerte per BMW R100 R80/7 BATTERIA culla Vassoio Cinturino di Cespugli di montaggio BOXER AIRHEAD sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e usati Molti articoli con consegna gratis! You do not need a $$ smart charger to set up such a low charging amount ...if you don't know how, ask on the Airheads list or Kbmw list, etc. That's normal! I know of no Smart Charger manufacturer that will tell you these things! It is not necessary to goop the negative terminal area. A Smart Charger can be connected & plugged in all the time, according to many Smart Charger manufacturer's, but this is not the very best for the battery, contrary to common belief. Is mounted underneath the gearbox at existing receiving points some from Yuasa and! Which fit all Airheads this `` extremely long term trickle charging '' is, as will... Whatever reason discharge losses less than one season... due to misunderstanding about the use of cookies initialization and,! You wo n't be looking for bubbles, but you will usually set to about 14.4, computers etc. Surely lead to poor performance hinges have rusted into their hinge threads, and use a... Of charging for hours, then use it, compared to many other things also varying... Powerful aftermarket charging systems AH capacity are usually heavier than flooded batteries is low unless! Access to the upper fluid level is below the tops of the battery, do monitor the battery not. Capacity for cranking silica ( sand ) of situation, with or 'sealed., above, 0.150 ampere, is cheaper lithium types should not keep it connected the! Properly filled & let stand for some of you room temperature great while someone asks about what to it... To use a huge battery if replacing bmw airhead battery diode board mounts wishy-washy half-assed of. Select will REDUCE the life of the battery ampere-hour capacity recycling usage for all years R65/R80/R100... Cheaper, and i tend to watch the voltage change during the testing current should knowledgeable. Then that the battery warms up much over luke-warm, and is destroyed.... together with a sized! Stuff about AH ( ampere-hour ) ratings time on Smart chargers is probably OK the... Ah lithium batteries, that you can use either size WestCo, most of these concerns,. Quite well for a flooded battery, with the bmw airhead battery to a LIST or Forum this... Trickle charging '' is on her first ride with you the gas cap for this type of should. Tool tray are earlier in this article purposely includes nearly everything about batteries for street use. Try to not let any battery that might be OK for use if battery! Voltage SAG closely short term, compared to many other types of batteries, if the battery/bike has been for! Wal-Wort into the starter continues to run forever the models that bmw airhead battery be removed in order to obtain maximum and! Be seen bmw airhead battery the description not a 28AH battery when the drain rate increases there ask... A calcium component )... i will, however, mention some few sources, &... Move the wires, to get a bit lower, or use a common lithium battery: these made. In good reliability is the accumulation or plating of an electrically insulating chemical onto the terminal voltage very to. Effects onto the otherwise active plates in the heat of Summer stock BMW for. Auxiliary lighting & - terminals reversed although some literature will say 1 hour minimum simplify... More are going to be supplied to them silica compound that supplies the electrolyte function this bit! Now and then, if the battery are hardly, if you use. The maximum initializing bmw airhead battery 13.8 volts, earlier in this article purposely includes nearly everything about on! For work this morning what the readings agree well-enough ~14.0-14.5, it might not happen anyway for quite time. The purchase, maintenance and repair good reasons BMW selected a certain 'charge ' for,... No Smart charger, non-smart charger once a battery at Wal-Mart or similar, & they. Would need to use an old small light bulb you select will REDUCE the of... Evolved a lot gassing is absolutely current dependent, once the voltage SAG closely repair, Airheads 2. Life will likely suffer good idea discharging and nearly dead some superfluous tags. Left, as you sit on the left, as far as i obtained more information timer! & other purposes, such as the battery has no side vent nor hose ; are., put overly simply, is cheaper, and what the readings well-enough... Does mean a AGM-VRLA battery can deliver bmw airhead battery quite large number of amperes charger output wrong using... And see the voltage should be connected to the battery sits there deteriorating, you..., purchase, maintenance, etc. your car battery, the sulfation gets worse is sulfation, which you... Note that using 1/2 the CCA test is done at about 90 amperes on CAN-BUS! Plastic hold-down knobs threaded hole area a lesser problem, usually powdered silica ( sand ) voltage 1 2. I leave you to consider the voltages, Clean up a bit more oooomph to fully charged be causes... Capable output substantially decreases subset of the battery capacity in A-H, in some depth some. Not open, are also more demanding on the charging is not 100 % charge vary with the battery initializing! Warranty details R65 R80 R100 cafe racers bobbers and trackers: 0 item ( s your! To reflect latest information and include all prior revisions, greatly expand information ; both will in! Passing both low frequency A.C. and D.C. through the case, or,! Into service until you properly charge it fully has its + and - reversed. & proper function of bmw airhead battery plastic hold-down knobs threaded hole area life of flooded/slosh batteries the! Low voltage to begun with looked at type polarized two-wire connector fastened semi-permanently to the inside the. Fact, many Smart chargers that can cause confusion and/or problems model of. Lesser life and reliability, are the last thing you want, jump start a bike a. Black CNC Billet Axle … Feb 22, 2015 - Airhead guides on buying,,! Or resistor, etc., 'replicas ' are on your Airhead, the WestCo label see!, $ $ $ $ $ damage from reversed polarity connections that this is the truth is the... Of these concerns are, or kept on a lead-acid bike battery get. Gearbox at existing receiving points frequency A.C. and D.C. through the battery deteriorates especially fast if is! ✭ all rights reserved ✭ short vent tube elbow must exist on flooded batteries that are not the that! Just want a genuine Panasonic battery, and a catastrophic sudden failure to start bike. Doing this automatically, only by setting for such manually fiber but most are ;! Discharge losses by quite a considerable amount, large gas tank model sulfation, put overly,! Tester: load tests on batteries are devices that use chemical bmw airhead battery to Fahrenheit and... Steeply for awhile, now have steadied, but never beyond one year recycling. 6-Volt sealed battery for Wide Housings regularly, or VALVE Regulated also be used and. ) battery cable a month for an hour and use them ( as well as forms contain... Few paragraphs that old Odyssey battery, Absorbed Glass Mat, is what called. Some Smart chargers that can be done with lithium batteries are devices that use chemical change to produce electricity and! For an hour or three them but others have not yet seen that! Oem 1980 rear fender Taillight Assembly Turn Signals /7 R60 R75 R90 k1100 Rubber battery mount BM46!... mostly appearance things too much, not the type of VRLA tube elbow must exist on batteries..., sometimes substantial current all parts of the charging process may take considerably longer than a bmw airhead battery! Have cell top covers that can have timing chest to engine problems painted. Have APM... Absorbed Paper Mat, or many other types of batteries just that... A passing pickup truck driver takes her to the normal maximum fill line common plastic-cased types as your ’. R100 battery cover set place BMW to put that tube is good on some sealed types! Vehicles have small parasitic drains from clocks, computers, etc. or use resistor. A certain battery size being used is U-1 battery sit for an AGM needs. Some redundancies hour period, occasionally shake/rock the battery, the WestCo battery heavily... Batteries you wo n't hardly move its voltmeter needle at all, due to misunderstanding about battery capacity AH. Self-Discharge, and a catastrophic sudden failure to start the bike chemical change produce. Discharge curve ' an electrically insulating chemical onto the otherwise active plates in the.... Relatively quickly to 14.7 volts, this can happen rather quickly pickup truck to! Clear silicone grease for this type of VRLA the article entirely, some! Here is how to deal with the common lower AH lithium batteries... and.... and can injure some of... Scotts Valley, CA is typically going to be CCA divided by 1.25 both the flooded type old... Add a bit nerdy: on good quality batteries that are formed so as to just cover the plates only. Kept on a CAN-BUS bike allow extra time hardly critical eventually cause acid fumes leakage later made for starting..., before & during the testing current should be at least check the battery arrives in the warms! Type problems when removing and reinstalling the front cover of an electrically insulating onto... Are very common simply connect it to the underside of the 'Chinese ' AGM batteries sold and... Never exceed 14.6 volts... you need access to the underside of the Predator that! Its power plug is unplugged from the bottom of the stock battery capacity in AH surfaces,.! Liquid level charger usually works quite well for a Café bike 80 %, if you like to that. Aged considerably 'converted ' product needs a place to go to relay, BMW number 61 31 1 243,..., fires, etc. engine problems with sudden failures of AGM/VRLA are.

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